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Let's Talk SMAC!

Is your organization Talking SMAC?


What is SMAC? SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) is the future of your Enterprise IT architecture/model (or it should be). SMAC is no longer just a concept or long-term milestone on an IT roadmap. Leading companies across verticals are embracing the technology+business solutions that provide the tremendous business advantages that come with SMAC today. Digilent Consulting has already helped customers not only come up with the strategy but implement the components that comprise SMAC.


Let Digilent Consulting help you Talk SMAC!


Digilent's team of consultants are your SMACTalk™ trusted advisors who can help you and your organization implement your SMAC strategy. Further, Digilent Consulting has partnered with the industry's leading vendors and platforms to implement and support the optimal SMAC solution for your organization.


Digilent Consulting takes SMACTalk™ very seriously and enhances the service offering with an added layer to the model - Security, or SMACC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Cyber (Security)).


Digilent Consulting's SMACCTalk™ solution includes all of the benefits of SMAC with the added security layer to protect all of your data.


Whether you need a Hadoop developer/admin or System Integrator partner, Contact us today to find out how Digilent Consulting can help you talk SMAC!














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